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Balancing at the Precipice

15 November 2014

Translation of James Mashiri‘s promotion of a EPN brief: Dangerous Brinkmanship: Close Military Encounters Between Russia and the West in 2014.

The booklet covers almost 40 incidents between the West and Russia during 2014 that seem to be getting more dangerous. Apart from routine or near-routine encounters, the Brief identifies 11 serious incidents of a more aggressive or unusually provocative nature, bringing a higher level risk of escalation. These include harassment of reconnaissance planes, close overflights over warships, and Russian ‘mock bombing raid’ missions. It also singles out 3 high risk incidents which in our view carried a high probability of causing casualties or a direct military confrontation: a narrowly avoided collision between a civilian airliner and Russian surveillance plane, abduction of an Estonian intelligence officer, and a large-scale Swedish ‘submarine hunt’.

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Internet – an American stratagem

Posted May 4, 2014

“The whole business [of internet] started as a special project of the CIA, and it continues as such,” Putin said and continued that national treasures such as the search engine Yandex and the social networking site Vkontakte must be developed to benefit Russia.

Pavel Durov

Nice progress was made in the case of Vkontakte already last week when the founder and CEO of this “Russian Facebook”, Pavel Durov, a 29 year old millionaire from St. Petersburg, was fired. Durov had previously told that the security service FSB had pressured him to provide information on the people behind the Ukrainian Euromaiden pages.

A lower court in Moscow gave a verdict last week in a libel case against him; Navalny had accused a leader of the ruling party of corruption in his blog last November. The court ordered him to apologize – over the internet.

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